Stephen Thompson, a graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London,  and Sunderland College of Art, works from a studio in Hythe, Kent. He has been painting and exhibiting for over 35 years and has work in collections in the United Kingdom and abroad. 

During 2017 he was a faculty member of Folkestone is An Art School, the Triennial project directed by Bob and Roberta Smith, RA. 

He has also been teaching fine art and art history for 30 years in secondary and adult education in the Czech Republic and in Canterbury, Ashford and Folkestone, Kent. 

In addition he curates exhibitions regularly,  does periodic demonstrations by invitation and runs workshops focusing on painting, printmaking, mixed media techniques, pottery and contextual studies.

Steve is an active member of hART, an art collective based in Hythe and the Romney Marsh, and of Ashford Visual Arts, Folkestone Art Society, and South East Open Studios.

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Stephen's work evolves from being struck by a sense of place in the countryside or by the sea both in the UK and when travelling abroad.  It is the personal and emotional response to a particular place coupled with the transitory effect of light and colour which most interests him.

The paintings aim to translate the shifts between illusionistic depth and surface textures and through nuances of colour and marks.  Often work is made in a series which becomes abstracted away for its source to find a visual equivalent for experience and sensation.

He uses a variety of media including oil, beeswax and water-based paints.